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culture curation

A strong company culture gives your organization the competitive advantage within your industry. But curating a culture that positively influences your employees' performance and your client engagement can be a challenge. 

In partnership with MiHR Consulting, we will create a company culture that strengthens your employer proposition value, inspiring your employees to live your core values every day. 

Our process

We will survey your current workforce by conducting a Culture Audit through Qualitative and Quantitative Assessments backed by over 20 years of expertise.

Analyze and compose the data into Executive Leadership Summaries to pinpoint areas of strengths and areas of opportunities.

Develop an Action Plan based on the data. Our approach is not a one-size fits all approach. Instead, we study the positives aspects of your current culture and what outcomes you want in order to discover opportunity.

Execution and implementation of incorporating the defined culture into behaviors and work practices, recalibrating systems, policies and processes. 

Laughing During a Meeting

create and sustain your culture

Our featured Culture Wellness solutions include:

showcasing your evp

Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values Development

Curating a Consistent Employee Experience

executive leadership

Communication Learning and Implementation Strategy for Leaders, HR Teams and Managers

Culture Asset Management for Boards of Directors and Executive Leadership

recalibrate your culture

Culture Aligned Process Improvement 

Change Management 

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