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direct hire services

We specialize in permanent placements of individuals in the healthcare, technology and start-up industries. Add full-time employees to your team, from early- to mid-career or executive level. Our clients are innovators, disruptors, visionaries, creatives, and leaders. If that is what your business needs, contact us today.

frequently asked questions - clients

What do you specialize in?

We specialize in the industries of healthcare, sales, operations, tech and administrative. We are well subject matter experts in Executives and Leadership talent acquisition.


The type of service that we can provide for your team are:

Direct Hire Placement:
We are perfectionist on finding you the perfect fit and swear by quality as oppose to quantity here at MiHR Consulting. We would make your search a top priority going after passive candidates as well as those that are in our network and talent pool. At the end, we would be presenting you with the most high caliber candidates, and would be scheduling everything from there on based on your feedback and interviewing needs.


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