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human resources

Customized for your business.


We’re a full-service HR Consultancy

We help employers of all sizes to recruit, manage, develop, and retain, great people.

Our HR Consultants build lasting relationships with you, to deliver truly customized HR outsourcing solutions

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We provide powerful solutions to help business leaders navigate today’s complex HR issues, address challenges, and position their organizations for success.


People are your most valuable asset! Our experienced HR Advisors will help your business recruit top talent by working with your hiring managers to understand the job requirements of each position, creating profiles of ideal candidates, providing competitive salary recommendations, and sourcing and selecting the right professionals to join your team. Our Right Source Recruiting Method delivers results.

HR outsourcing

Human Resources is crucial to every business operation. Many small to midsize businesses do not have the resources to support a full-time HR professional. That's where MiHR comes in! Access to an entire HR department without the added overhead! We run your Human Resources tasks, so you can run your business. Think of us as an extension of your team! 

HR Consulting

We know every organization is different. That's why we provide 20+ customized HR services to choose from as needed, as well as Monthly HR Service Plans, which give you the flexibility of determining exactly how many consulting hours you require each month and how best to use them. 

retained hr support

From people strategy to compliance, we provide you with unlimited, fixed-fee day-to-day HR support every month. We start with a free consultation to understand your needs and create a proposal of support to suit your business.


Adding People Strategy in Every Company

Our vision and commitment is that the success of MiHR Consulting will create a wide variety of projects and ventures that contribute to creating a better future for our clients, our partners, our families and our communities.

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expert backed & Trusted solutions Agency

We have an incredible commitment to getting the things done that really matter to ensure the business and the people can thrive. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we draw upon years of experience and bring a practical know-how to all we do. Our clients tell us that they appreciate that we deliver exceptional results, but what really sets us apart is how we do it — with skill, authenticity, empathy, kindness, thoughtfulness, an unwavering bias towards excellent execution, and a fierce commitment to our clients’ success.



let us optimize your workforce

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